List of  Requested Waivers

Community Prep State Waiver Requests-2018

List of  Automatic Waivers

The following automatic waivers have been granted to all charter schools pursuant to Colorado Revised Statutes §22-2-107(1)(c), §22-2-106(1)(h), and HB 14-1292. No documentation is required by the state for waivers from the following statutes:

State Statute Citation/Description

  • 22-1-110 Alcohol & Controlled Substance Education
  • 22-1-112 School Year – National Holidays
  • 22-32-109(1)(b) Local Board Duties Concerning Competitive Bidding
  • 22-32-109(1)(f) Local Board Duties Concerning Selection of Staff, and Pay
  • 22-32-109(1)(h) Local Board Duties Concerning Bonding of Staff Members
  • 22-32-109(1)(n)(I) Local Board Duties Concerning School Calendar
  • 22-32-109(1)(n)(II)(A) Determine teacher-pupil contact hours
  • 22-32-109(1)(n)(II)(B) Adopt district calendar
  • 22-32-109(1)(t) Local Board Duties Concerning Textbooks and Curriculum
  • 22-32-110(1)(ee) Local Board Powers-Employ teachers’ aides and other non certificated personnel
  • 22-32-110(1)(h) Local Board Powers-Terminate employment of personnel
  • 22-32-110(1)(i) Local Board Powers-Reimburse employees for expenses
  • 22-32-110(1)(j) Local Board Powers-Procure life, health, or accident insurance
  • 22-32-110(1)(k) Local Board Powers-Policies relating to inservice training and official conduct
  • 22-32-110(1)(y) Local Board Powers-Accept gifts, donations, grants
  • 22-32-126 Employment and Authority of Principals
  • 22-33-104(4) Compulsory School Attendance-Attendance policies and excused absences
  • 22-33-105 Suspensions, expulsion and denial of admission
  • 22-63-201 Teacher Employment Act – Compensation & Dismissal Act-Requirement to hold a certificate
  • 22-63-202 Teacher Employment Act – Contracts in writing, damage provision
  • 22-63-203 Teacher Employment Act-Requirements for probationary teacher, renewal & nonrenewal
  • 22-63-205 Teacher Employment Act-Exchange of teachers out of state or foreign
  • 22-63-206 Teacher Employment Act-Transfer of teachers
  • 22-63-301 Teacher Employment Act-Grounds for dismissal
  • 22-63-302 Teacher Employment Act-Procedures for dismissal of teachers
  • 22-63-401 Teacher Employment Act-Teachers subject to adopted salary schedule
  • 22-63-402 Teacher Employment Act-Certificate required to pay teachers
  • 22-63-403 Teacher Employment Act-Describes payment of salaries
  • 22-9-106 Local Board Duties Concerning Performance Evaluation