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Photo of Chris Bacavis

Chris Bacavis

English, Peer Tutoring, & SAT Prep

Prior to teaching at CPS, Chris worked for nearly a decade as a freelance writer, copy editor, and private tutor. “At Community Prep, I get to interact every day with incredible people who often have much more to teach me than I have to teach them. One of my greatest passions is encouraging students to interact with the human experience through critical thought, careful use of texts, and constructive discourse.”


Photo of Abbey Banta

Abbey Banta

English & Language Arts

“I’m a basketball playing, poetry writing, nature loving, world traveling, long boarding, college going, bibliophilic conversationalist and philosopher. Nice to meet you ???? . I have been at CPS for 6 years and absolutely love my work. My experience here has not only gained me beautiful relationships, but broadened my perspective and made me a better person.”


Photo of Ron Banta

Ron Banta

Social Studies

“I came to CPS after years of working with high school students in faith-based and outdoor educational environments. Substitute teaching and tutoring led me to pursue work in a high school. Working at Community Prep is an opportunity to encourage students to find their own educational path, and to help them prepare for the future they envision for themselves.”


Photo of Amy Blackshear

Amy Blackshear

Creative & Technical Art

Amy is a professional illustrator and certified art therapist with over 10 years experience teaching art to K-12 students. “Everyday I look forward to helping students discover the blessings of creativity, healing, and joy through the visual arts.”


Photo of Michael Burdick

Michael Burdick

Landmark Teacher

Michael has been with Landmark Community School since July 2017. He is the STEM Coordinator for Mathematics, Science and Technology Studies at LCS. He designs and implements course instruction within these areas that meet state standards and provide students with quality knowledge that they can use in everyday life. “I was attracted to Landmark because of my love for teaching and supporting youth, especially those who are afflicted by addiction.…

Photo of Tara Bush

Tara Bush

Music Production (DJ)

Tara, AKA DJ T-BeatZ, is a professional DJ and has worked with students for many years.  “Working here at CPS is such an exciting and humbling experience. I Love coming to work and knowing I am making a difference in young adult lives, and sharing and teaching my skills to this young generation. I am also blessed to be surrounded by such talented Teachers and Advocates.”