Community Prep February 2018 Graduation


We work together to help students reach their full potential.

Community Prep School (CPS) is an accredited alternative education campus serving students throughout the Colorado Springs region.

What is CPS all about?

Community Prep School accepts students as they are in order to accompany and guide them in their pursuit of education and life.

The vision of Community Prep School is the realization of each individual’s successful engagement in life, career, and community.

The mission of Community Prep School is to respect each individual, cultivate authentic passions, and activate purposeful plans for life.

What makes us “alternative”?

  • Credit Recovery where students control the pace of their learning in an educational environment based on the mastery of standards. Credits are earned according to effort and understanding rather than simply time spent in the classroom.
  • Personal and individualized attention with small class sizes and committed advisors who encourage students to achieve goals and performance targets.
  • Differentiated learning that includes a menu of hybrid classes, both timed and self-paced, to serve students according to their aptitude, learning style, and unique needs.
  • Flexible scheduling built around students’ real-life challenges.
  • Utilizing the community as a classroom without limiting learning to the CPS campus. Students are regularly engaged with local organizations to enhance their education.
  • Connecting educational credit with job and community experience.
  • Life Skills taught experientially and intentionally.

A Message From New Principal, Gayle Hinrichs

Welcome to Community Prep High School, home of the Warriors!

I would like to take a moment and introduce myself.  My name is Gayle Hinrichs. I am a native of Nebraska but have been in Colorado since 1992.

I am extremely excited to work with the students of Community Prep.  While there have been some changes to the school to meet District requirements, we remain a school that understands the unique issues our students face on a daily basis.  Please visit Community Prep and work with me and my team to develop a schedule that will enable you to succeed academically while understanding your individual challenges.

I began my teaching career in 1985 teaching kindergarten children how to read. I spent seven years teaching elementary age children before moving to Colorado Springs where I spent almost 20 years working at Sierra High School as a teacher, Dean of Students and an Assistant Principal.  Most recently I worked as an Assistant Principal in Cañon City.  I was extremely excited to be offered a position at Community Prep School.  At the time I did not dream I would become the Principal of the school, but at the Board of Director’s Meeting on September 26, 2018 I was appointed Principal of this wonderful school.

Please know we welcome all students who want an education to attend Community Prep School.  Check us out and let us develop a plan to help you meet your educational goals.

Gayle Hinrichs
Community Prep High School

Landmark Community School Students are at CPS

CPS is pleased to provide support for Landmark Community School students.  They have designated classroom space to carry out their daily school programs under the umbrella of Community Prep School.