Listen to what the Students are Saying

*Pablo Wilkins- CPS Senior*

Hello, my name is Pablo Wilkins. For all my time in school, I would have to say the school I’ve enjoyed the most is definitely this school. Here at Community Prep the teachers care and motivate more than anywhere I’ve seen so far. They will still push you to try harder when you’re down, they know when you’re not giving 100% and sometimes that’s okay but other times it’s not and they will push you back to full drive.

The only thing is, when it really comes down to it, it’s all up to you. The teachers will push you and support you, but you have to be the one to actually walk through the door. No one will force you. You have to be the one to work through all the trials of highs school, but it sets you to be ready for problems you won’t want to take care of, but will know how, and will do it because you now have the discipline and you know waiting for the problem to go away will not work.

I feel this style of school get’s one more ready for real life than other schools because they don’t hold your hand the whole way, they leave it up to you to get the work done or not. They show one how to go about getting help or new information from a sources to make things easier.

We learn more real life skills here than at other schools. Social skills, working as a team with other people, complete strangers even. Financial literacy, the difference between a debit card and a credit card, renting vs owning a home, things I never even heard about in other schools.

Lastly I love the individualization of the school, rather than using a template every student should fit to, they want you to draw out your uniqueness and be a stunning and exclusive individual. They will work with you here to try and come up with the best plan for you, and get the most of what you want out of it. “Be yourself, no one can ever tell you you’re doing it wrong” ~ James Leo Herlihy

Liz Benton

“It’s like a tight knit family!”

Brennen Brownfield


Logan Mountain

Logan Found Success

Logan Mountain graduated from Community Prep School in October of 2013. He says that he had been unsuccessful at his previous high school because he had to work on required curriculum at an ‘average pace of the classroom’ that did not work for him and his style of learning.

At CPS, Logan found that he could work at his own pace and that the teachers are flexible enough to have allowed him to pursue further study and exploration into topics of his choice. Logan says that because he was allowed to work at his own pace, he is graduating sooner than he would have otherwise at his previous high school.

Liz Benton

Liz Found Caring Staff

Liz Benton says that CPS is a “really great place” because “the teachers actually care about you here. They care what happens to us and about what we plan to do with our lives.” She says that since she’s come to CPS, the school has helped her to “wanna be somebody instead of wanting to drop out of school and be a nobody.”

Liz says it was specifically the Outward Bound component of the CPS Expeditionary/Outdoor Education program that made a significant impact on her and her decision to change her life for the better, get herself on track again with her education, and get motivated to graduate.