Your Support Matters

Because Community Prep School is a public charter school, we receive funding from the state based on the standard, allotted per-pupil-rate for public K-12 schools. For charter schools, the allotted amount is based on one day of the school year, October 1st. On average, CPS has numbered around 250 students present for count day and for which we are funded to serve. However, because CPS accepts students at any time during the school year (we do not turn anyone away at any time), we will actually serve 400+ students by May/the end of the school year. Thus, we are publicly funded to serve only 2/3 of our population. Yet, we still serve the other 1/3, none-the-less.

As a result of this deficit in funding, we are dependent upon the generosity of corporations, local businesses, foundations, and individuals like YOU for funding our various programs. Consider your tax-deductible contribution to CPS as an investment that will allow our current, potential and future students a brighter opportunity. Your on-going generosity and support will create a legacy that will change the future for all CPS students.

Your donation through our secure PayPal link here will be considered a contribution to our general funds, to be allotted to programmatic needs as they arise. These programs include our technical music arts program; our field study trips; expeditionary learning, outdoor trips; our project based learning program; and our computer technology courses.

A donation through our secure PayPal link is currently set up for a one-at-a-time donation,  or will allow you to contribute on a regular basis via an automatic monthly withdraw.  If you would prefer to make other arrangements, please call our Business Operations Manager, Ms. Bobbie Stull at 719-227-8836, x132, and we will be happy to accommodate you.

And THANK YOU for your commitment to Community Prep School.