Staying on Track

Community Prep School (CPS) is dedicated to student success and we take every step necessary to help students achieve their goals.

CPS students can encompass young adults who may have a harder time than their peers at staying motivated or focused. It can be difficult for some students to keep a good balance between home life, social life, and school, or they may have stressful elements that keep them distracted from focusing on school. At CPS, we recognize these real world issues and the fact that some young adults may need personalized resources to stay on the track to graduation.

ComputerThese resources at CPS include:

  • Student advocates who work exclusively with students who exhibit a need for direct and frequent one on one guidance
  • Systematic practice of each CPS student checking in with their assigned advisor each morning
  • When necessary, an assigned ‘Focus’ period, requiring students to restrict their attendance and school activities to a specified time period during the day to ensure a more directed refocus of course work
  • Inclusion of parents/ guardians or others who have a vested interest in the student’s success and regular communication of any concerns with those in the CPS student’s life
  • Incentive programs that include awarding a brand new Chromebook laptop to students who achieve 30 earned credit hours for them to keep

At Community Prep School we are dedicated  to providing the support and assistance our students need to succeed.