The Scholar Model

The scholar model learning process is a practice utilized throughout CPS courses. This cyclical process involves four major steps that aid students in completing course assignments. These steps are:

  1. Research
  2. Organize
  3. Create
  4. Assessment

Each step involves students to employ higher level processing through the process of completing their assignment. When they RESEARCH, they can utilize any method of ….. Next, students need to ORGANIZE the information they gathered in the form of a mind map, a visual representation of the student’s thought process. The central idea is the in the middle of the diagram with supporting and related ideas and information branching off the center. Then students are asked to CREATE, choosing a method like a art piece, essay, interview, debate, or a song to demonstrate their proficiency. Last they face an ASSESSMENT that involves presenting their work to a committee of two students and one staff of their choosing and being graded by the committee by a standard rubric. Lastly, all the rubric information and student work is added to the student’s portfolio. The scholar model process is based on the multiple intelligences theory that supports students demonstrating their diverse learning types and processes. CPS students can explore their creativity while still meeting the rigorous academic standards expected of them.