Prepare for Life & Career at CPS

Community Prep School prepares our students for life and career in ways that offer so much more than requiring students to complete the state ICAP.

We PREP our students to be ACTIVE, ENGAGED citizens of our COMMUNITY!

CPS’s Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP), is mandated by the state of Colorado and required by every high school student to complete before graduating with their diploma. According to the Colorado Department of Education, “The intent of the ICAP policy is to ultimately decrease dropout rates and increase graduation rates by assisting students in developing and maintaining a personalized post-secondary plan that ensures readiness for post-secondary and workforce success. An ICAP should be designed to assist a student and his or her parent or legal guardian in exploring the post-secondary career and educational opportunities available to the student, aligning course work and curriculum, applying to postsecondary education institutions, securing financial aid and ultimately entering the workforce.”

CPS meets the ICAP demand on our students through numerous initiatives that go above and beyond the minimal state requirements for compliance. Our in-house Career Development & External Partnerships Coordinator, Devalyn Kirkman, works one-on-one individually with each and every CPS student to help with:

  •  Job interviewing, job shadowing and internships
  •  Resume writing and development
  •  Access to professional development workshops related to each student’s passions and career interests
  •  Transportation to and from job fairs
  •  Other job-training and career-development tasks specific to each student’s needs

Furthermore, in order to graduate from CPS, every student must complete a course in Financial Literacy and set up a savings account, through a course co-instructed by our Community Partner, Credit Union of Colorado.  Additionally, every student must complete two Community Projects for which they earn two credits toward graduation.

Do you have an interest in working with CPS to place our students in an internship or two-week “job-shadowing” apprenticeship with your business or organization? Or know someone who may be interested?

To learn more about our Career Development program and how you may become a partner with CPS, call our Career Development & External Partnerships Coordinator, Devalyn Kirkman at 719-227-8836, x122.