PPCC Partnership

In the Fall of 2012, CPS initiated our Concurrent Enrollment with Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC) program. We offer students the chance to practice the ins and outs of a college experience by covering the cost of tuition and fees for one class of their choice at PPCC. Students earn credit toward an Associate’s degree from PPCC at the same time their credit is applied toward their diploma from CPS.

Concurrent Enrollment

  •  Students can take a course of their choice
  •  Community Prep School pays tuition and all fees
  •  Credit is applied for both college and high school

PPCC Liaison

CPS students meet personally with a representative from Pikes Peak Community College to orient them to the college experience and complete all required documents for college enrollment and financial aid.

Accuplacer Testing

Upon entering CPS, each student completes the Accuplacer assessment. The Accuplacer, also utilized by PPCC, places students in their appropriate level in English and math courses. Students also are required to score at a college ready level in English and math for completion of their final courses.

Developmental Curriculum

CPS utilizes PPCC’s developmental curriculum sequence in English and math. Students place into the sequence upon entering CPS through Accuplacer testing and then complete all required PPCC English and math coursework in order to graduate from CPS.

Professional Development

CPS’ staff participates in ongoing professional development activities with PPCC. CPS presents and participates in PPCC’s annual educational symposium. PPCC’s English and math departments meet regularly with CPS’ instructional teams to reflect on practice and discuss innovative solutions that lead to increased student success.