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Photo of Deanna Sartor

Deanna Sartor

Business Office

Deanna has worked for over 10 years helping schools and businesses operate efficiently and effectively.  “I would love to see Community Prep running smoothly and preparing students for their futures.”


Photo of Gannon Shea

Gannon Shea

Landmark Therapist

Gannon Shea is a Counselor at Community Prep and joined Landmark Community School in 2017. She has played an integral role in LCS’s growth, providing support, knowledge, and valuable experience to the staff and families of the community. Her career with at-risk students has shown her that both abuse and substance use deeply impact student’s lives and education.…

Photo of Joni Sheffer

Joni Sheffer

Academic Interventionist

Joni has worked within alternative high school settings since 1985. She ran an on-grounds school at an emancipation program for 14 years, and has been in District #11 since 2006.
She also tutors in the district. Other than SPED, Joni has a license in Secondary Social Studies, and highly qualified status in English and science.

“It has been my first choice always to work with students that were struggling in some way, to help them recover their strengths, and to help enable them to graduate and move toward what they want for their lives.…

Photo of Matthew Sheldon

Matthew Sheldon


Matt received his Construction Engineering degree from San Diego State University, but enjoyed his time as an SAT tutor/instructor so much that he knew he wanted to teach full-time.  “CPS is a unique learning environment where I am able to help students realize their full potential and achieve their goals.”


Photo of Bari Snyder

Bari Snyder

English & Language Arts

“Originally from New York, I started my career as a first grade teacher, then became a reading/literacy intervention, then the Education Director at Cotttonwood Center for the Arts before coming to CPS.
CPS is a unique environment where students and staff work together to bring out the best in each other.”