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Photo of Allen Mauer

Allen Mauer

Science Teacher & Coordinator

From Collierville, Tennessee, Allen earned his Physics degree from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.  “Being at CPS means meeting every student where they are at and helping them achieve their full potential in science education and individual growth.”

Photo of Carly Mentink

Carly Mentink

Student Advocate & Expeditionary Learning

“I really like being outside, it’s my favorite thing.  I’ve learned a lot from the outdoors and that’s why I like taking the kids on our outdoor adventure trips.  In the past, I’ve worked with teenagers in many different aspects, everything from trail building, to outdoor recreation, to wilderness therapy.  What I love the most about CPS are the opportunities if offers all the students and staff.…

Photo of Charlotte Miller

Charlotte Miller

Creative & Technical Art

Charlotte has been teaching art since 1990 with a special love for “found object art.”  A bicycle enthusiast, she teaches bike courses at CPS and in the community.  Charlotte has developed community projects with Kids on Bikes, Concrete Couch, Colorado Springs Food Rescue, and Christmas Unlimited.  “Working at Community Prep School means I get to be a part of a diverse group of staff and students.…

Photo of John Moore

John Moore


As an enthusiastic reader/athlete/father/husband, John serves as a teacher/mentor/friend to many.  “Working at CPS means I can do some of the things I love-reading, writing, and camping-and get paid to do it.”