Today at Community Time:
Mr. White spoke on safety during baseball, recounting when he witnessed a head injury at a game. Also, this week there was National Cheeseburger Day!
Ms. Abbey presented Tiffany R with her CPS Chromebook! She talked about the long journey Tiffany R has had as a student at CPS and congratulated her.
Mr. Schneider talked out the changed rules for earning a laptop and introduced CPS’s newest Student Advocate Michaela Simmons!
Mr. T addressed students on the importance of being invested as a student at CPS by attending Community Times and taking advantage of the numerous community events.
Mr. Ewing read out the newest Put Ups-
Ms. Shawna to Frankie L for his hard work on campus
Bryon to Eric L for staying motivated
Student Lizzie A to staff for helping students
Bryon highlighted the art exhibit hosted by CPS on October 1st, that will feature student work and local artist’s work
Mr. Schneider talked out the CPS Open House this Sunday at CPS- it will have the Broncos game playing, a raffle for a bike from CPS’s bike shop, and free food and fun.
He also reminded students to be at CPS October 2nd for the new CPS Hoodies and fun activities.
Ms. Miller gave a shout out to the recent CPS student participation with the Wounded Warriors Soldier Ride with special thanks to Mr. Schneider for supporting community outreach.
Ms. Gannon presented the speaker, Julian from Urban Peak. He explained how the community youth homeless shelter offers housing assistance and street outreach for those who are homeless. The Nigh Out to End Youth Homelessness event will be November 9th. CPS students can earn a Community Project credit by participating in the event.
Community Time ended with amazing music from Mr. Benning and talented CPS singers, Lizzy A and Jennifer K