Today at Community Time, Kendall from Concrete Couch came to tell us that this Saturday they are building a playground. You can get a credit from coming to help build from 9-4 pm. Tuesday Skillshare starts, 9:30-11, see Ms. Miller to sign up and be part of projects for the community. Mr. Banta announced in October they will be taking students on a three day trip to go towards earning a Geography credit. On Sunday September 24th students and families are invited to attend our open house from 10-4, students are also welcome to participate in a race for suicide prevention. Marcus and Adam will be helping students to create a CPS Collective Album featuring songs written/covered by students. There are a few field trips to colleges coming up, please see Ms. Gannon to sign up. John Spears came to visit us today from the PPLD and share his story of how he changed his life to get to where he is now