For the first Community Day of the school year, Mr. White, Mr. Tryon and Carly entertained everyone with the Welcome Back throwback song.
Mr. Schneider talked about the importance of completing steady work towards graduation, comparing it to raking leaves, and read some of the graduation speech from student Austin.
CPS Staff announced some special projects and classes:
Mr. Tryon- new photography classes are in session and student can earn their own camera. Also, off campus fishing trips are to come.
Mr. Marcus- providing music lessons and other related projects. He showcased his talent with a awesome song.
Shawna and Carly- there will be a hiking class for PE or General Elective credit from 9am to lunch on Wednesdays
Ms Cee- announced today’s lunch and noted that lunch is $2.50 with salad bar
Mr. White- Tuesdays and Thursday’s students can participate in a local golf course clean up for credit.
Ms. Shea- let everyone know about the 22 high achievers from last block who will earn a gift card for earning 5 or more credits during a block.