Community time 4/6

Fun fact: The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is one of the best in the country.


Join Ms. Miller for the Balance Bike program!

Sat day will be April 11th. All sophomores and juniors will need to be at school at 8:30am to 1:00pm for testing- CPS will be open for all students at the end of testing at 1:00pm.

Congratulations to students who earned laptops!

Zak M

Caitlin E

Alezandra G

Mike Perez and Amy Blackshear talked about the CPS visits to a local nursing home where students created art and connected with residents. Different students spoke about the relationships they formed with the nursing home residents.

Former student Emma talked about her journey through hard times during high school to attending and passing a competitive nursing program and currently working for a local hospital with her CNA license and various certifications.

Ewing put ups:

The following students got a special shout out from CPS staff:

Camille S

Jennifer K

Miguel B

Vallen M

Alfredo C

Julie C

This year’s Pine Car Rally will be May 27th- interested students are invited to meet with Mr. Ewing on Thursdays during 4th period to work on their unique pine car to race!
Big Jeff talked about his class starting next block that focuses storytelling in a public setting, later giving a entertaining story about overcoming distractions.