Today at Community Time Amy Grigg, Ian Carroll, Kimberly Beltran, Alissa Wood and Destiny Stamp received their very own laptops for earning 32 credits.


Hunter Carroll also received his diploma today and we had a special musical performance from Shannon Barnett, Jennifer Kindelan-Ramos and Mr. Benning.


If students are looking for something to do over Spring Break Concrete Couch could use some help and if you volunteer 15 hours of your time you could earn a Community Project Credit. They will need help on Monday 3/27, Tuesday 3/28, Thursday 3/30 and Friday 3/31 at Meadows Park Community Center from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Contact Kendall for more information (719) 641-7760.


Today in Cee’s Cafe the CPS Heroes Project will continue at 1 p.m. There will be free ice cream sundaes for students who attend.  Mr. Ewing also informed us of an upcoming Pine Car Rally, if interested please see Mr. Ewing for more details.
Kayla Adams came to Community Time to share about her niece Josephine who recently went through a terrible accident. Kayla’s goal was to inform everyone that accidents do happen and how to hopefully prevent an accident like this from happening to those who now know Josephine’s story. Please  send prayers their way.