Today at the last Community Time of 2017, Mr. Ewing had us chuckling at his classic holiday themed jokes featuring reindeer and elves. Mr. Ewing also  presented his put ups from CPS staff to the awesome students, which included Ariana F, Promyse Z,  and Jacob C.


-CPS Adviser Michaela presented a representative from Community Partnership for Child Development (CPCD) to introduce a new volunteering opportunity for students- earn credits by spending 1 hour working and playing with 2-4 year olds! There are also resources available for expectant mothers and parents of young children as well as free preschool. Talk with Michaela to learn more and sign up!

-Mr. Schneider and Ms. Cee talked about the Annual CPS Holiday Feast! It will be this Tuesday the 19th at 6pm at Cee’s Cafe- there will be a raffle for a 32’ LED TV, delicious food, and presents from Santa! *Volunteers are needed to help decorate Cee’s Cafe, talk to any staff member to sign up!

-Community time closed with amazing musical performances from our talented students accompanied by Mr. Benning!

*Happy holidays! Winter break is from 12/20th to 1/8th