Community Prep School Building

About Community Prep School

Community Prep School (CPS) is an accredited alternative education campus serving students throughout the Colorado Springs Region. Opened in 1995, our focus is about helping students realize their full potential — personally, educationally, career-wise and for life.

Our Mission

To respect each individual, cultivate authentic passions and activate purposeful plans for life.

We Take Our Responsibilities Seriously

As a tuition-free public charter school, CPS has the freedom to be more innovative, while being held accountable for improved student achievement. Every year, our records are carefully reviewed by the State of Colorado. As our students succeed, CPS succeeds, and we continue to earn State funding and District accreditation as an alternative Colorado high school. Our charter school/nonprofit status encourages partnerships with the State, the District, and with our community neighbors in local business and fellow nonprofit organizations. For this reason, we look to create community partnerships that benefit our students’ development for their higher education, career and life goals, as well as look for ways to contribute and give back to our Colorado Springs community.

Our Tradition is to be Untraditional

CPS’s alternative education programming is designed for high school-level students, through age 21. Our student body is comprised of individuals who find it difficult to “fit-in” and succeed in a traditional educational setting. We embrace this under-served population and enthusiastically welcome them with our “come as you are” philosophy. Our innovative, non-traditional approach to teaching, along with our emphasis on the quality of relationships we build with students, parents and teachers, in an environment that puts student’s needs and interests first, has helped set us apart in alternative education. CPS’s enrollment rate has grown significantly in the last three years (2010-2012). Our graduation rates continue to climb.

An Open Door (and Open Graduation) Policy

CPS recognizes that every student learns and grows at their own pace. For this reason, we offer an open entry/open exit policy that allows students to enroll and graduate any time during the school year. Our flexible class scheduling policy lets students progress independently, under the watchful tutelage of our dedicated staff and counselors.

Building-Blocks to a Brighter Future

CPS takes a building-block approach to offering the tools and training students need to be successful in life. Students use these blocks as a foundation toward earning their CPS high school diploma:

Discovery Class offers learning in and out of the classroom. Students learn to problem-solve; communicate effectively with others and build character through self-guided experiences

Project-Based Learning mirrors real-world learning. Students work in groups to reach a common goal and role-play situations they will encounter in everyday life.

Our Concurrent Enrollment program through our partnership with Pikes Peak Community College lets students take real college courses and earn credit toward an Associates Degree; all at no cost to the student.

Career Development Coordinators teach job interviewing skills; resume writing skills and offer students unprecedented access to professional career development throughout the school year.