Community Prep School Building

About Community Prep School

What makes us different?

We recognize and support the whole child model of academic, emotional, and future ready offerings. We are offering the following for our students in our alternative campus this year:

  •        Tiered supports for students to learn to become independent and self-motivated
  •        High expectations for success in academics, behavior, and community engagement
  •        Student led initiatives: ambassadors, tutors, advisory, restaurant and bike lab businesses
  •        Opportunities to earn 18 or more credits per year
  •        Outdoor learning expeditions
  •        Service Learning projects
  •        Work Based learning opportunities
  •        Reduced price bus passes
  •        Free lunch to all students
  •        Home visits for support
  •        Concurrent college enrollment options and certified education partners paid by CPS
  •        Exciting and Engaging elective courses
  •        3 graduation options per year: October, March, June
  •        Life coaching sessions with certified providers on site
  •        Free Chromebook laptop after 32 credits earned
  •        Diplomas with distinction for scholarships, athletes, and high performing students
  •        *Graduating alumni are eligible for a CPS $1000 scholarship!

2018-2019 Frequently Asked Questions and Updates

CREDITS: We are offering students the option to earn up to 18 credits per year in a blended model of teaching and self paced options.  They are also eligible to attend enrichment sessions to further their earning potential.

ENRICHMENT: We are scheduling enrichment and courses for students to continue to progress from 3:15-4:30. Enrichment classes begin 7/27/18 and run Monday-Thursday.

WORK BASED LEARNING AND COLLABORATION WITH ROY WASSON CAMPUS: We are connecting our teen parents with options to have their infants and small children served in a high quality child care at The Early Learning Center at Roy Wasson campus-call 719-328-2180 or email:

We are also connecting our students to attend classes that result in industry credentials at the campus in Culinary Arts, Paraprofessional, Automotive, Cybersecurity, ADOBE certification, graphic design, and business courses.

Students who work can take classes in our enrichment time frame and can also work with several key staff to do additional work at home or online.

SAFETY: As a priority for our students and staff we now have a full time security officer and a locked campus to control access to only our students and designated adults.  

CAFE: Our upgraded flexible seating in the cafeteria and moving our students to the side and back of the building during breaks provide better security and support at this time.

APPOINTMENTS: We offer appointments for parents and community members during the hours of 1:45-4:30.

STAKEHOLDER SUPPORT GROUP: We are excited to reinstate our parent, alumni, and community member support group for the 18-19 school year.  Please email our front office if you are interested in joining.


Our schedule includes an 8:00 arrival time and our classes start at 8:15.  We are looking forward to regular attendance from students and have planned great classes in our block format.

Our Mission

To respect each individual, cultivate authentic passions and activate purposeful plans for life.

School Websites Must Be Accessible to Persons with Disabilities

The U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights(OCR) has determined that under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, education organizations need to ensure website accessibility for people with disabilities. As a public school, our website content and functionality must be accessible to persons with disabilities. If you find that you are unable to access online information or functionality, please contact us here.